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GXR - Overview

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  • Magnesium alloy exterior for durability and high-class feel worthy of regular use
  • Highly airtight system for superior dust proofing
  • 3’’ LCD monitor, 920 000 dots, high contrast
  • ‘DIRECT’ button and ’Adj Level’ - for a quick access to settings
  • Settings can be recorded in camera unit


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A new interchangeable camera unit system

Capture the true face of your everyday world. It is the unaffected expression that is the sweetest. For this kind of candid photo, the most suitable camera must be small enough to be always with you and always ready for a casual shot. On top of that, the ability to change lenses (and therefore perspective on sensibility) to match each change in scene and mood will spur you to new levels of shooting motivation and creativity. The ideal tool for this purpose is an unprecedented new camera system. GXR. The compact and versatile interchangeable camera unit system.

An innovative camera expanding your range of expression

GXR is a new camera system that consists of a body and camera units. Each camera unit contains a lens (focal lengths differ between units), an image sensor of optimum type and size for the unit, and an image processing engine. By changing units, the photographer can handle a diverse range of scenes in a way that satisfies sophisticated requirements for photo expression. The slide mechanism adopted for attaching and removing camera units enables changes to be made quickly and securely.

Compact and high-performance lens design

It is the lens that gives life to the photograph. In interchangeable lens camera systems up to now, the distance from the mount and the back of the lens to the sensor image plane was subject to requirements for flange back distance and back focal length. This made it difficult to achieve both compactness and high optical performance. Eliminating the lens mount, however, means that the back focal length can be freely defined for the GXR, enabling the new system to use the most optically efficient lens designs and giving it excellent potential for future expansion. This practical concept has given birth to camera units that achieve compact size without compromising image quality.

Optimum tuning of the lens and the image sensor

In order to make the best use of the inherent power of the lens and the image sensor, the ideal solution is to combine both in a single unit. Consider, for example, the low-pass filter covering the surface of the image sensor. The dilemma faced is that while the filter helps prevent colour noise and colour moiré, increasing this benefit results in an ever greater sacrifice in lens resolution. Traditional interchangeable lens systems use a single low-pass filter for all lenses so they are unable to avoid situations where the filter effect is excessive or inadequate. With the GXR, on the other hand, we can design a filter optimized for the resolution of the specific lens. In this way, Ricoh has succeeded in effectively preventing colour noise while suppressing filter influence on lens resolution.

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Type - Camera Type

The interchangeable unit camera system

Body - Height 70.2 mm
Body - Width 113.9 mm
Body - Depth 28.9 mm
Body - Weight 160g (body only)

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